Emergency Marketing Technicians will take care of your marketing problems!  Whether it be mobile site related, video advertising, social media, press releases, PPC campaigns, email marketing, or search engine optimization – Emergency Marketing Technicians are there when you need them.                                                                             (John McDermott, Founder).


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Our Exclusive Magic QR Code Technology!













We not only create your QR Code…but we give you an unprecedented level of control!  Your code can be programmed to link to any number of sites, graphics, or pages, and it can automatically switch between them on any schedule you desire. For example, if you have daily specials, your QR code can be set to show one special deal on Monday, a different one on Tuesday, etc., with unlimited variations and schedules. Or, if your QR code is for a real estate listing, it can be set to switch and link to a different property when that one sells, or whenever you want. No more wasted advertising! And no more printing up new signs every time you decide on a change. There is so much more we can do…just ask!

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Reputation Management

I'll send you my free guide to Reputation Management. Learn why you MUST control the way your business is viewed by the public, and how to get started managing your reputation. Every business needs to learn about this RIGHT NOW…before disaster strikes!

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Mobile Friendly Websites

A mobile revolution is taking place – 'mobile friendly' websites have arrived! And none too soon, as customers have been browsing and searching on mobile phones for several years. But over the last year – and especially the last 6 months – the numbers of people who do most of their searching (and shopping) on a mobile phone has skyrocketed. And the trend will continue at an accelerating pace, far into the future. Already, more than 50% of all online activity is carried out on a hand-held mobile device. That percent is rising rapidly every day! 

Most people stay within 3 feet of their mobile device for 24 hours per day. We all know that it's the FIRST thing they turn to when they get an urge to search…or to buy something! And, if the person is out of the house, their mobile device is likely the ONLY way they will search for things like food, roadside assistance, entertainment options, shopping, etc.

If your website isn't mobile friendly, you will be effectively 'slamming the door' in the face of all who seek your business with their mobile device. They will simply go on to one of your competitors who DOES have a 'mobile friendly' site.

So, it's absolutely imperative that website owners do whatever it takes to assure that customers have a favorable browsing and viewing experience when using mobile phones. Emergency Marketing Technicians specialize in creating 'mobile friendly' websites.

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Facebook Campaigns Are Effective

Facebook has arisen as the best-known and most popular of the social media sites, and is verified to have more than 900,000,000 active members. Facebook certainly is the 'big dog' on the block. Facebook accepts advertising, and ads can be keyed into the demographics of the person who will be viewing the ad. For example, if one wants to reach a group of 40-year-old men who have an interest in country music, Facebook will serve up ads only to men who fit into this narrow group. This type of demographic targeting can be very effective, and very, very profitable.

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Banner Advertising?

Banner advertising was made popular in the earliest days of the internet, but then after a few years people began to exhibit 'banner blindness,' which means that banners were being ignored. But, over the last several years banner advertising has regained popularity among internet marketers, as it has become effective again. At least for those who are skilled in their application and use of banner advertising.

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Email Marketing Is Effective

Some people have doubts that email marketing is still effective these days. But there should be no doubts in anybody's mind about the efficacy of email marketing to provide top-quality results, especially in the realm of building solid relationships with prospects and clients. And this is one of the specialties of Emergency Marketing Technicians.

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PPC – Pay Per Click Advertising

Most online businesses and websites could benefit from PPC – Pay Per Click advertisingGoogle Adwords is the primary marketplace in the PPC industry. Emergency Marketing Technicians are experienced experts with PPC – Pay Per Click advertising.

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Business Consulting Services

Emergency marketing technicians offer business consulting services, among other tools and services.

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Postcard Marketing?

These days it's rare for people and businesses involved in internet marketing to also initiate postcard marketing campaigns. But postcards (and Direct Marketing in general) can be the ideal addition to online advertising. For one thing, there are at least five times more prospects that can be reached offline than online. And mailboxes are not as full of junk mail these days, and certainly not as full of junk as email inboxes.  So, postcard marketing can be a very productive enterprise, especially if implemented with the aid of the Emergency Marketing Technicians.

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