Emergency Marketing Technicians


Emergency Marketing Technicians will take care of your marketing problems!  Whether it be mobile site related, video advertising, social media, press releases, PPC campaigns, email marketing, or search engine optimization – Emergency Marketing Technicians are there when you need them.                                                                             (John McDermott, Founder).


Emergency Marketing Technicians

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4 Responses to Emergency Marketing Technicians

  1. Kassandra Karpov says:

    I like the idea of Emergency Marketing Technicians. I could use something like this in my business.

  2. Bryan Holtzmann says:

    I never heard of emergency marketing technicians before. But i do like the concept and it sounds cool too.

  3. Holly Cotter says:

    Hi John,

    I LOVE your name “emergency marketing technicians”… very clever!

    And the services you offer are VITAL to any business that wants to remain in business as more and more consumers use the internet (instead of the yellow pages, newspaper ads, etc) to locate products and services.

    I wish you lots of luck, and hope business owners who visit your site will realize what a really great value you are offering them.

    Holly Cotter
    Internet Marketing Specialist

  4. Curtis Barrett says:

    John is one of the best. Always full of useful, practical knowledge.

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